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    1930 Census Beatty District

Transcribed from original document

Name Age Born Parents Occupation Relationship Status
Bailey, Lewis M. 67 Iowa Tennessee/Kentucky Dish Washer Head of Household Single
Blewett, Llewellyn B. 65 New York England/Canada Prospector Head of Household Single
Clark, John L. 49 Illinois Illinois/Illinois Miner Head of Household Single
Fortham, Robert K. 65 Missouri New York/Virginia Farm Laborer Head of Household Married
Fortham, Adele A. 53 California Italy/California Hotel Manager Wife of Robert Married
Fortham, Robert 19 California Missouri/California Automobile Mechanic Son of Robert Single
Gary, Wm. B. 66 New York New York/New York Miner Head of Household Married
Gary, Elizabeth G. 60 Canada Canada/Canada None Wife of Gary Married
Harrington, John T. 69 Michigan Ireland/Ireland Prospector Head of Household Married
Harris, Thomas E. 50 Michigan New York/Michigan Proprietor Garage Head of Household Single
Hyhtover, Joseph F. 60 Kansas Illinois/Illinois Carpenter Head of Hosehold Married
Hyhtover, William 63 Kansas Illinois/Illinois Miner Brother to Joseph Single
Johnson, Byran G. 56 Utah New York/New York Proprietor General Merchandise Head of Household Married
Johnson, Joe 56 California Canada/Indiana None Wife of Byran Married
Kierman, Emily F. 42 Ohio Ohio/Ohio None Head of Household Married
Langer, Arthur 28 New York Germany/Germany Prospector Head of Household Single
Lyons, Sam P. 39 Oregon Iowa/Illinois Prospector Head of Household Divorced
McCrea, W. R. 65 Kentucky Scotland/Canada Mining Manager Head of Household Married
McCrea, Lillian C. 47 New York New York/New York None Wife of W.R. Married
McCrea, Lewis P. 38 Colorado Kentucky/Colorado Miner Son of W.R. Single
McCrea, John 13 Nevada Kentucky/New York None Son of W.R. Single
McCroeby, Anna 63 Nevada New York/England None Sister of W.R. Widowed
McDonald, Wm. 44 California Nevada/England Garage Mechanic Head of Household Divorced
McZrochy, Wm. 39 California California/Nevada Garage Mechanic Head of Household Maried
McZrochy, Lena 24 Nevada Nevada/Utah None Wife of Wm. Married
O'Brien, Joseph D. 61 Ireland/Img 1885 Ireland/Ireland Mining Engineer Head of Household Married
O'Brien, Agnes K. 61 Ireland/Img 1885 Ireland/Ireland none Head of Household Married
O'Neill, Wm. C. 51 New York PA/PA None Head of Household Single
Ray, L.O. 69 Iowa Iowa/Illinois Prospector Head of Household Married
Ray, Anna 54 Nevada Kentucky/Sweden None Wife of L.O. Married
Riolings, Harry 60 England/Img. 1869 England/Englad Proprietor Service Station Head of Household Married
Riolings, Elizabeth 55 Michigan Germany/Germany Proprietor General Mdse. Wife of Harry Married
Roilings, Charles M. 37 Michigan England/Michigan Mining Engineer Head of Household Married
Roilings, Alma 48 Illinois Germany/Germany Mining Engineer Wife of Charles Married
Roots, W. E. 22 Nebraska Nebraska/Tennessee Lineman Head of Household Married
South, Ivy G. 62 Nevada England/England Deputy Sheriff Head of Household Single
Thomas, John W. 60 Kansas Indiana/Missouri Merchant Head of Household Divorced
Thomas, Lorraine L. 10 California Unknown/Denmark None Step-Daughter of John Single
Walker, Chas. C. 64 Illinois Pennsylvania/Missouri Prospector Head of Household Single
Wilson, William W. 69 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania/Ohio Laborer Mine Head of Household Married
Wilson, Antoinette 64 Germany/Img. 1771 Germany/Germany None Wife of William Married
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